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June 30, 2005

RE: Request for the New Jersey State Perfusionist Licensure Application.

 Dear Colleague, 

     The “Perfusionist Licensing Act”, L.1999, c.126 effective June 24, 1999, is the statute under which the Division of Consumer Affairs was granted the authority by the State of New Jersey to license Perfusionists as professional health care providers. The statute provided for the creation of a committee, the Perfusionist Advisory Committee, as a sub-committee under the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners. The statute requires the committee to develop, adopt and implement rules and regulations for the administration of the licensing of Perfusionists in the State of New Jersey. Although the process of developing, reviewing and approving the rules and regulations has taken several years, it is complete. The statute and the rules and regulations can be reviewed online, www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/adoption/bmeado37.htm. 

     The purpose of the Perfusionist Advisory Committee is to develop and implement the rules and regulations under the authority and oversight of the Division of Consumer Affairs. The rules and regulations describe the functions of the Committee and should be reviewed to understand the licensure process as well as your responsibilities as a licensed healthcare professional. The application for licensure will be reviewed by the Perfusionist Advisory Committee and the Division of Consumer Affairs. Once approved, the license will be issued by the Division of Consumer Affairs.    

     The application for the Perfusionist Licensure is available and must be requested by mail only. Please send the attached letter or a copy of your own to the Executive Director of the Perfusionist Advisory Committee, Leslie Aronson. Questions about the application, application process, the statute or the regulations must be directed to Ms. Aronson. Her number at the Division of Consumer Affairs is 973-504-6377. Please utilize the following address for your requests:

                                Leslie Aronson, Executive Director
Perfusionist Advisory Committee
New Jersey State Division of Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 45049
124 Halsey Street
                   Newark, New Jersey 07101  

          Although certified mail is not required it is seriously suggested. Please keep all certified mail receipts as this will provide proof of filing in case any potential problem develops. The Division of Consumer Affairs places the responsibility of filing the completed application and timely payment of the application fee on the applicant. A Perfusionist who does not have an application on file with the Committee and the Division of Consumer Affairs by September 3, 2005 will be considered engaging in the unlicensed practice of perfusion.   

Benjamin N. DeBenedetto, C.C.P.


Dear NJSPS Members,

I recently posted a message from Benjamin DeBenedetto pertaining to the publication of the Rules and Regulations for the Perfusionist Advisory Committee. We have posted them below for your review. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself or any of the officers of NJSPS and we will forward them to the appropriate people. You may also go to the following web site and make your comments directly.


David L. Hassert, C.C.P.
President - NJSPS


Dear NJSPS Members,

I received the following update from Ben Debenedetto, Chairman of the Perfusion Advisory Committee. This puts us one step closer to our goal of licensure. I am told this is the last step before the application process begins. As more information comes in I will pass it along.

David L. Hassert, C.C.P.
President - NJSPS

Good Morning,

I was just informed by Leslie Aronson, Executive Director- Perfusionist Advisory Committee, that the Rules and Regulations for the Perfusionist Advisory Committee will be published in the New Jersey Register, PRN 2004-139, on April 5, 2004. This is a milestone achievement in our licensure process and marks the beginning of the final phase of the legislative process to becoming licensed healthcare professionals. All comments, positive and negative, are solicited by the Division of Consumer Affairs. We should have as many positive comments supporting the regulations as possible. I believe there is a two month commentary period. I
support and volunteer to participate in a state wide meeting to review all the regulations and answer any and all questions possible after April, 28 2004. I will speak to the other Committee members to extend an invitation if

Benjamin DeBenedetto, C.C.P.

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