VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 May 1998

NJSPS Receives First Draft of

The New Jersey Licensure Bill

On April 22, 1998, Benjamin Debenedetto, Chairman of the Government Relations Committee, received the first draft of the NJSPS Licensure Bill. The bill will be sponsored by Assemblyman Jeff Moran(R-9), member of the Assembly’s Consumer Affairs and Regulated Professions Committee. This is a big first step towards licensure but a lot of work is still ahead of us. The Society members must review the bill and present Assemblyman Moran with any necessary changes. The bill could be introduced as early as June. Copies of the draft will be sent to Chief Perfusionists in New Jersey. If you would like a copy of the draft please contact Frank Stark, NJSPS Secretary at 973-263-1672.

President’s Message

As The President I wanted to write an all inspiring message. I literally sat at the keyboard for hours and nothing appeared. So I decided to write what I do know. And that is, we have come a long way in three years. We have established our 501-C6 Organization, had two successful educational meetings-and another on the way-hired a lobbyist, and put together the first draft of our legislative bill. All of this has taken hard work and a lot of hours from all of you participating in one capacity or another. Whether you have helped by coming to the business and educational meetings, working on a committee, or supporting the organization as a member, you have played an important role in our success. Our primary goal of passing legislation for perfusion licensure is becoming a reality. Assemblyman Moran has agreed to sponsor our bill. The draft has been written and formatted based on current NJ law. It sets minimum standards for education and practice in our profession. Also, it provides a level of protection to the thousands of patients in New Jersey who are affected by cardiovascular disease and depend on our services. We want everyone to be informed about our bill. We do not want to "bypass" anyone. Voice your support and/or concerns. This bill has been the effort of many people on all levels. without all of you, we would not be where we are today. We have achieved a lot. We will continue to achieve, but not without all of you. We need all of you to be one STRONG voice.

Sheila Rager, President NJSPS

Senator Singer to Sponsor bill

State Senator Robert W. Singer agreed to sponsor legislation to license perfusionists at a meeting held on May 6, 1998. The Senator met with Sheila Rager, Benjamin Debenedetto, Doreen Cesaretti, and Christine Stearns of the Princeton Public Affairs Group. Legislative strategies, potential problems and the time frame for the introduction of the legislation were some of the topics discussed.

To better understand what perfusionists actually do, Senator Singer has agreed to observe a perfusionist during a cardiac procedure. Jeff Luckenbach, the Chief Perfusionist and Doreen Casaraetti, Staff Perfusionist, will host Senator Singer at Deborah Hospital at his earliest convenience.

The meeting was a great success and marks another milestone in the Society’s efforts to obtain licensure for perfusionists.


Perfusion Posters for Sale

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Posters can be purchased from the Society that show perfusionists and scenes in the O.R. for a donation of $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Send orders to:

NJSPS P.O. Box 6111, Parsippany, NJ 07050

The NJSPS would like to thank Martin Mackechnie for donating the posters to the Society.

NJSPS Goes on the Web

At the NJSPS Business Meeting on May 3,1998, the membership approved the establishment of an organizational internet website. The membership also approved to retain the services of Robert Collada as the website designer and servicer. As the website designer or "Webmaster," Robert will provide the organization with the following:

1. Web page design as requested by the membership

2. Web Page maintenance

3. A Registered Domain Name for easy internet access and location

4. Email Management

5. Links to Other Perfusion Sites

6. Reports on the number of visits to the Site.

The website will be available by June 30, 1998. Please check out our site and email the Webmaster with your comments.



Calendar of Events


June 6, 1998

"Intra-Aortic Balloon

Pumping," Spring Seminar at

St. Joseph Hospital and

Medical Center

Paterson, NJ

For more information contact

John Niedzinski at


July 12, 1998

NJSPS Business Meeting,

Robert Wood Johnson,

Molton Conference Room

New Brunswick, NJ

8:30 a.m.

Open to all NJSPS Members

August 22, 1998

"New Concepts in

Autotransfusion," NJSPS

Educational Seminar,

Hackensack University

Medical Center

Hackensack, NJ

October 1998

"Perfusion Dynamics 98,"

NJSPS Annual Educational

Seminar, Robert Wood


New Brunswick, NJ