VOLUME 3 NUMBER 2 February 1999

Assembly Passes Licensure Bill

On December 17,1998 the New Jersey State Assembly approved unanimously by a vote of 78 to 0, for the passage of Assembly Bill A2114, the "NJ Perfusionist Licensing Act."
Assembly Bill A2114 was originally introduced and referred to the Assembly Consumer Affairs and Regulated Professions Committee on June, 1, 1998. A2114 went through committee action and was approved. The bill ten went through a second reading on September 14, 1998 and was considered by the full Assembly. A2114 had the third reading on December 17, 1998. The bill was considered for final approval by he full Assembly and passed. Amendments to A2114 will be considered and voted on after the Senate version of the Bill, S1167 has been approved.
Senate Bill S1167, the senate version of the "NJ Perfusionist Licensing Act," was introduced and referred to the Senate Commerce Committee on June 14, 1998, S1167 went through committee action and was approved on January 21, 1999. The Bill will now be introduced to the NJ State Senate where it will become eligible for further amendments by the Senate. The Bill will then go on to its third reading and the full Senate will consider the Bill on the Senate floor. Once the Bill is passed by the Senate then the Bill must go back to the Assembly where it must be voted on with any amendments made in the Senate. When this final version is passed in the Assembly, the Bill will be sent to the Governor for consideration and final action.
The Governor can approve the Bill and sign it, conditionally veto it for changes or veto it all together. The Bill may become law upon the Governor's signature or after 45 days if no action is taken. If vetoed, the Bill can still become law if the legislature overrides the veto by a 2/3 vote. If the Bill becomes law it takes effect on the day specified in its text or if unspecified it takes effect on July 4,1999 following its passage

Outgoing President’s Message

It been an honor to have participated in the organization and the development of our professional society. To have served as President during a pivotal year for The New Jersey State Perfusion Society is an added bonus. Everyone is surprised at our progress in the past several months with perfusion legislation. As President and the representative of the Society, I have had a very exciting time attending meetings with senators Singer, Funari, Cardinale, Assemblyman Moran and Imprevidutto. On August 6, my appearance before the Assembly Consumer Affairs and Regulated Professions Committee was a very nerve-wracking highlight for me. I testified to the committee moments before they voted to pass our Bill on the New Jersey General Assembly for final approval. As I prepared to read my short speech on what a perfusionist is, I suddenly realized that I was the voice of the NJSPS and I was representing every perfusionist in the State of New Jersey. What a great privilege and an honor to be given this opportunity and responsibility.
When I completed my speech there were a few more questions from the members of the committee. It became very clear to me from the answers by the Chair of the Committee, Assemblyman Moran, that we were not pound foolish when we contracted the services of our lobbyist, the Princeton Public Affairs Group to help us in our quest for licensure legislation. Assemblyman Moran was as highly informed about the duties of a perfusionist and our profession as I am. As well, every commitee member had also been educated about our profession. Our Bill was unanimously accepted.
Much work had been done behind our scenes by our lobbyist and many of our members. The leters written to committee members from perfusionists in their districts enlisting their support were extremely helpful and important.
Christine Stearns and Dale florio, our lobbyists from the Princeton Public Affairs Group, have done a tremendous job and they should be commended.
In October, our primary Senate sponser, Senator Singer, observed open-heart surgery with Director, Lou Brownstein at Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ. Senator Singer was very impressed with the perfusion profession. Senator Furnari has been invited to observe an open-heart procedure at Hackensack University Medical Center. We are rolling. Recently, through our very organized effots we have been able to respond effectively to the concerns of an independant autotransfusion contractor regarding the language of autotransfusion in our Bill. He wanted removed from our scope of practice references to autotransfusion, blood conservation techniques, hemodilution, hemoncentration, and hemodialysis, members of the NJSPS board and our lobbyist met with the New York Blood Bank, the Blood Bank Center of New Jersey and the Independant contractor. It was proposed by the Board and was agreed upon by all present that an amendment expempting health care personnel performing autotransfusion under the direction of a licensed physician be added to our Bill.
When we started on this mission, there was a general feeling that we would have a hard time trying to pass the licensure bill. I believed then as I do now that there is a tremendous amount of hard work involved in getting licensure passed. I believe then as I do now that we are doing the "right" thing for the "right" reasons: mandating minimum standards of education, clinical training and ongoing education in a profession that impacts greatly on the mortality and morbidity of over 14,000 open-heart patients in NJ.
In my last message I said the society was organized to respond as one voice.This is your voice. We try to keep everyone informed through our newsletter, the web site and meetings. We still have a long way to go and a lot more work to do. Yoursociety needs your continued support in order to achieve our goals. Our tremendous progress this last year is the result of the moral and financial support from the perfusionists in the state and the hard work of our Lobbyists, Christine Stearns and Dale Florio. It has been my sincere pleasure and honor to work with the Board of Directors, Ben Debenedetto, Garland Dance, Dan Fisch, Frank Stark, Dave Hassert, Diane Sciortino and John Niedzinski. I thank them all for their guidance, support, time and commitment to our Society. I thank all of you for allowing me this wonderul experience. It has been a lot of hard work and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Sheila Rager

New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners
On January 13,1999 the "New Jersey Perfusionist Licensing Act" was reviewed by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners. This review was in consideration of their opposition to accept the " New Jersey Perfusionist Licensing Act" as enacted into law.
The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners was requested by the NJSPS to be accepted as a subcommittee and to act as the regulating authority to license perfusionists. The Board opposes our request due to the added administrative responsibility and cost of licensing another health care professional.
The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners met again on January 13, 1999. Prior to the meeting, members of the Board were contacted by our Lobbyist, the Princeton Public Affairs Group, and provided with information packages. The packages contained a list of all the associations and professionals supporting the "New Jersey Perfusionist Licensing Act" and the AmSECT brochure entitled "Perfusion." Benjamin Debenedetto was invited to the meeting to make a brief presentation and answer any questions the Board may have.
The Board voted to reconsider the NJSPS request to be accepted as a subcommittee. the matter is now referred back to the Executive Committee of the State Board of Medical Examiners.

Important Correction for attendees of the
Perfusion Dynamics 98' Meeting:
Certificates were incorrectly printed awarding 8.4 CEU's for the Meeting.
The American Board has awarded 7.8 CEU's for the meeting.
Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this error.

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