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New Jersey State Perfusion Society

6th Annual Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: November 19, 2000 PLACE: Hyatt Regency Hotel - New Brunswick


Sheila Rager, David Hassert, Frank Stark, Garland Dance, Benjamin DeBenedetto

1. Call to Order

The 6th Annual NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by President Sheila Rager at 9:05 am.

2. Quorum

Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 5 board members present and 4 board members absent (John Niedzinski, Diane Sciortino, Camille Daugherty and Martin MacKechnie).

3. Routine Business

3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

Sheila Rager made a motion to approve the agenda; Frank Stark seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from June 25, 2000 (8/27/00 - no quorum)

Sheila Rager made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as is, seconded by Garland Dance and carried unanimously.

3c. Reading of Communications


4. Reports

4a. Officers of the Board

      President - Sheila Rager - No Report

      Past President -David Hassert - No Report

      President Elect - David Hassert - No Report

      Vice President - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report

      Secretary - Frank Stark

Frank typed the meeting minutes from June 25, 2000. Frank also typed the meeting agenda. Frank bought new post cards, printed and mailed the meeting notices. Frank mailed John Niedzinski 2 sets of mailing labels for the IABP meeting on November 4. Typed and mailed 45 renewal notices. Typed all new mailing address info. Frank received a check from Medtronic for $400. Frank also received and passed on to Garland numerous renewal notices for insurance.


Treasurer’s Report - Garland Dance

Beginning Balance $ 2,980.10
Deposits $ 4,060.00
Withdrawals $ 3,329.34

Ending Balance $ 3717.11


Trustee - John Niedzinski - No Report - Absent

Trustee - Diane Sciortino - No Report - Absent

Trustee - Camille Daugherty - No Report - Absent

Trustee - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent

4b. Standing Committees

Government Relations Committee - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report

Education/Planning Committee - No Report other than 36 attendees and 4 vendors at the "Perfusion Dynamics 00" Meeting from Garlands Treasurers Report.

Ethics Committee - Diane Sciortino - No Report - Absent

Membership/Credentials Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Frank Stark

Frank received one renewal bringing the total 2000 membership to 68 paid members. Discussion ensued regarding removing certain people from the list who are no longer in the area and changing other peoples place of work. Eliminate Kelly Rexing, Liz Turner, Ron Hoey, and Paul Posada. Steve Nussear is now working at Saint Michael’s, Nicholas Dean is now at RWJ and Marty is now officially at Staten Island Hospital.

Bylaws Committee - David Hassert - No Report

Nominating Committee - Frank Stark

Frank typed and mailed willingness to serve forms for President Elect, Secretary, and all Committees. Frank did not receive any. Sheila stated that Steve Nussear volunteered for the Membership, Ethics and Government Relations Committee.


4c. Special Committees

Web Site - Report given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

We are now paying in advance our yearly fee for our domain name, this decreases our costs. We are also continuing to work on the banner for Somanetics they agreed to pay us a $10/month fee. There is also a new guest book in which visitors leave their information so that we know not just how many hits but just who and from where the hits are coming from. Pay-Pal is also up and running, we will begin using this for membership renewal as well as meeting registration.

Newsletter - Report Given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

Garland will work on putting out one to two issues per year, even if its only one page. The next newsletter will go out 1st quarter next year and will include Presidents message, a report on the Perfusion Dynamics 2000 meeting as well as the IABP Seminar. A notice will also be included about the PAC Committee; all requests for information must go through Mr. Jay Church executive director of the board to avoid any confusion about any information regarding its activities.

Fundraising - No Report

5. Business Arising From Previous Meeting


6. New Business:

1. New Meeting Site
2. How often
3. New Officers
4.Committees and Members


Dave suggested that in order to increase attendance that we invite vendors to host dinner meeting like NNJAECT.

Discussion as to when the meetings should be. It was decided that there will be 4 meetings per year. They will be quarterly, one in March, June, September, and November. The meeting in September can be the Annual Education meeting a.k.a. "Perfusion Dynamics..." The meeting in November can be the Annual Board of Directors Meeting.

Let the vendor choose the place to host the meeting.

Meetings will be held around the second Thursday of the month starting March 8, 2001. Dave will ask Gish to host the first meeting.

Dave also suggested to combine the education meeting with the NY or PA society to increase attendance.

Dave asked Frank to remain on an interim basis as secretary until an adequate replacement can be found, Frank agreed.

Frank made a motion for eliminating the position of Vice President stating that the position doesn’t really serve a true purpose. Motion seconded by Garland and Sheila and carried unanimously.

Frank also requested decreasing the amount needed for a quorum in order to hold future meetings. After discussion it was decided to decrease the amount of board positions by combining/eliminating positions and committees.

VP - Eliminated

Government Relations Committee - Eliminated - no longer needed, can add as adhoc committee later if and issue comes up.

Membership Committee - Eliminated - Secretary can do it.

Nominating Committee - Eliminated - Secretary can mail out notices.

Fundraising Committee - Eliminated - don’t need it any longer.

Add the Ethics Committee to the Bylaws Committee

NJSPS now has President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer as officers (Total 4 board Members)

NJSPS now has the chair people of the following committees as Trustees:

This will require FOUR (4) instead of 5 board members to be present to hold a quorum. New total 6 positions, 4 is the majority.

NOTE: Adhoc Committee Chairs do not hold Trustee positions

Sheila Rager volunteered to Chair the Education/Planning Committee

Officers/Committees for 2001...

President - David Hassert

President Elect- Open

Secretary - Open

(Frank Stark will continue to serve as an interim Secretary until a replacement is found)

          Treasurer -  Garland Dance

Education/Planning Committee - Sheila Rager

Bylaws/Ethics Committee - Dave Hassert, Frank Stark

7. Review of Concluded Business

1. NJSPS "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" had 36 registrants and 4 vendors, more detailed report to follow.

2. Frank Stark and Benjamin DeBenedetto had to resign their Board positions because they now hold   Board positions on the PAC Committee. Sheila Rager’s term as President will expire in December.

3. Treasurers Report:

   Beginning Balance $2,980.10  
   Deposits $4,060.00
   Withdrawals $3,329.34

   Balance $3,717.11

4. 36 people and 4 vendors registered for the NJSPS "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" meeting.

5. Willingness to serve forms were mailed out, one returned - Steve Nussear would like to serve on the Ethics Committee.

6. Web Site - Pay-Pal is up and running to allow people to register for future meeting and even renew their membership dues. NJSPS has now begun paying up front for the yearly site registration; this will save us money. Currently working on a banner for Somanetics, they will pay us $10 per month. We also now have a guest book for visitors to sign in so that we may tell who and where the hits are coming from.

7. Newsletter will go out first quarter of 2001 and include a report on the "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" meeting as well as the IABP Seminar. Also included a notice about the PAC Committee and all info MUST go through Mr. Jay Church the executive director of the PAC Committee. Garland can also update everyone about the web site (see above). Lastly there will be an incoming Presidents Message.

8. NEW BUSINESS - It was decided that we will now have our NJSPS meetings Quarterly in March, June, September and November. A vendor will host the meetings on the second Thursday of the chosen month.

9. The Following positions and Committees have been eliminated or combined.

Vice President - Eliminated

Membership Committee - Eliminated

Fundraising Committee - Eliminated

Nominating Committee - Eliminated

Ethics committee will be combined with the Bylaws Committee

There will now be 4 Officers and 2 Trustees a total of 6 Board Members. A quorum will consist of 4.

Officers/Trustees/Committee members for the year 2001 beginning January 1st

President - David Hassert
President Elect- Open
Secretary - Open (Frank will continue to act on an interim basis)
Treasurer - Garland Dance

Education/Planning Committee - Chair - Sheila Rager
Bylaws/Ethics Committee- Chair David Hassert, Frank Stark, Steven Nussear 

8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

DATE: Thursday, March 8, 2001

TIME: 6:30 PM




9. Adjournment

Benjamin DeBenedetto made a motion for adjournment, seconded by David Hassert, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Sheila Rager at 11:25 am.


Submitted by

Frank stark, CCP

Secretary, NJSPS