The New Jersey State Perfusion Society

18th Board of Directors Meeting: MEETING MINUTES

DATE: September 13, 1998 PLACE: Robert Wood Johnson Hospital


Frank Stark, Andrew Israel, Garland Dance, David Hassert, Gwen Staffiera, Benjamin DeBenedetto, Camille Daugherty, Sheila Rager

  1. Call to Order
  2. The 18th NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order at 9:10 am by President Sheila Rager.

  3. Quorum
  4. Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 5 board members present and 2 absent (Daniel Fisch, Diane Sciortino)

  5. Routine Business

3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

Ben made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Dave and carried unanimously.

3b. Approval of Meeting Minutes from July 12, 1998

Benjamin DeBenedetto made a motion to approve the meeting minutes as is, seconded by David Hassert and carried unanimously.

3c. Reading of Communications

Frank read three letters. First was a letter to Ben from Christine Stearns of PPAG. The letter informed Ben of an upcoming fundraiser for Senator Garry Furnari. It was recommended that we purchase one ticket at $ 250. Due to a scheduling conflict Christine can not attend and asked if Ben could attend the meeting.

The second letter was to Senator Robert Singer from Jeffrey Luckenbach of Deborah Heart & Lung Center. This letter stated that Mr. Singer had canceled his appointment to observe surgery at Deborah. Jeff expressed his appreciation for Senators Singers support of the Perfusion Licensing Act. He also stated that he was sorry that Mr. Singer couldn't make it to the hospital, and extended an open invitation for him to come to observe cardiac surgery at any time.

The last letter was to Sheila Rager from Lee Bechtel chairperson of AmSECT's Government Relations Committee. In his letter Lee states that he enclosed endorsement letters from the American College of Chest Physicians and the Illinois Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. Also was enclosed was an interim letter from the joint AATS/STS Professional Affairs Committee.

  1. Reports
  2. 4a. Officers of the Board

    President - Sheila Rager

    On July 17, 1998, Sheila and Ben met with Senator Furnari who agreed to support the Perfusion Licensing Act. He also agreed to attend surgery at Hackensack Hospital in the near future.

    On August 6, 1998, Sheila attended a Consumer Affairs and Regulatory Committee hearing in which she gave testimony. Sheila read a prepared statement and answered questions. The committee voted unanimously to pass it with one exception. Assemblywoman Barbara Wright who is a nurse wanted us to answer how many perfusionists are licensed in another healthcare related field.

    Ben performed the survey and responded with a letter that was mailed on Friday September 11, 1998. Results were 104 total perfusionists in the state. There are 32 perfusionists who live in New Jersey but are employed outside the state. 72 are employed in the State of New Jersey. 31.9 % are licensed in an allied health profession. 20.8% are Registered Nurses, 11.1% are Registered Respiratory Therapists, 68.1% are not licensed in another allied field.

    Now the Bill will go to the general Assembly for vote. The Commerce Committee in the Senate has to vote to pass it so it can go to the entire Senate for passage. The Committee in the Senate has not reviewed it yet.

    Past President - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report

    President Elect - David Hassert - No Report

    Vice President - Daniel Fisch - No Report - Absent

    Secretary - Frank Stark

      1. Designed and mailed willingness to serve forms for President Elect and all Committees. Have received five back to date.
      2. Received 6 Checks from the vendors of the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting. They are 1) Medtronic, 2) Sorin, 3) Cardiovascular Instruments, 4) Gish, 5) Cobe, 6) Terumo. Received back 2 requests that were mailed to Avecor and Array Medical as undeliverable.
      3. Mailed NY + NJ Labels to both Beth Cortez for the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting and Daniel Fisch for "Cardiac Anesthesia: Update 1998" hosted by Robert Wood Johnson.
      4. As Secretary, I have completed my portion including attachments, exactly half of the pro-active grant for AmSECT. It is now up to Sheila and Garland to finish their sections of the grant so it can be filed.
      5. Received an additional 9 letters of support from various hospitals cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists. This brings the total to 19 letters of support from various surgeons, anesthesiologist, administrators from the various cardiac surgery centers throughout the state.

    Treasurer - Garland Dance

    Previous Balance $ 12, 376.32

    Deposits $ 810.00 (Fund raiser + 2 memberships)

    Withdrawals $ 2,677.93


    Ending Balance $ 10,508.39

    Garland has completed his portion of the pro-active grant which includes all the financial requirements. When pro-active grant is completed we hope to receive $ 6,000.00 for our first year, enough for three months of lobbyist payments.

    Trustees - No Report - Absent

    4b. Standing Committees

    Education/Planning Committee - Report by Committee Chair Sheila Rager

    "Perfusion Dynamics '98" brochures have been mailed to NY and NJ.

    We have received $ 400.00 checks from 6 vendors and Sheila has confirmation that we will receive others soon.


    The menu still has to be determined and will be worked today after the meeting with Sheila and Andrew Israel.

    Frank will bring posters and is in the process of making order forms for additional posters if we run out at the meeting.

    Andrew raised the question if we will hold another raffle like we did at last years

    meeting. Question was unresolved.

    Ethics Committee - No Report - Absent

    Membership/Credentialing Committee - Report given by Frank Stark

    There were two additional memberships, one a renewal and another a new member (Doreen Cessaretti)

    Frank will also bring numerous membership applications to the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting since we receive numerous renewals at that time.

    Bylaws Committee - David Hassert - No Report

    Frank raised a general question for discussion among the group about whether we should amend the Bylaws so that if a board member goes unopposed after their second consecutive term should there be a provision for extending the term. Consensus seemed to indicate that we should amend the Bylaws. Dave will look into it.

    Nominating Committee - Given by acting Chair Sheila Rager

    As per Frank Stark's report he had mailed the willingness to serve forms. To date we have received five. One was for President Elect and the other four were for Committees. Frank will continue to collect these forms until the November meeting.

    Government Relations Committee - Report by Chair Benjamin DeBenedetto

    Ben wrote a letter to Dr. Hutchinson asking permission to have Senator Furnari observe a case at Hackensack, Dr. Hutchinson will check with administration to get approval.

    Ben did a statewide survey for Assemblywoman Barbara Wright's question about who is licensed in another allied health profession. Ben tabulated the results and sent the letter to her office on Friday, September 11, 1998 (refer to Presidents report).

    Due to a scheduling conflict Ben will attend a fundraiser for Senator Furnari on September 16, 1998

    Ben brought up the fact that Senator Singer was supposed to see an open-heart case at Deborah but canceled the day before. Jeff Luckenbach was disappointed and wrote a letter to Senator Singer. (Refer to Reading of Communications). Senator Singer has been rescheduled to visit Cooper Hospital in Camden with Lou Brownstein, this was felt to have more influence because of the perfusion school that's also there.

    Because the Perfusion Licensing Act will soon go before the entire Assembly for a vote which is expected to pass without trouble, we must focus on the Senate Commerce Committee which is seen as more difficult.

    There are five members on the Commerce Committee. They are Senator John H. Adler (D-6), Senator Jack Sinagra (D-18), Senator Gerald Cardinale (D-39), Robert W. Singer (D-30), Senator Lesniak (D-?)

    We need to have the Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthesiologists and Administrators write individual letters of support to EACH member of that Committee, Ben will follow up with a draft of the letter and addresses to send to.

    Ben also faxed 6 letters to various Assembly whom did not have perfusionists in their districts explaining perfusion and asking for support for our Bill.


    4c. Ad-Hoc Committees

    Web Site - Web Site is up and running there have been approximately 650 hits so far. Sheila has e-mail Robert the web site administrator to take various names off the membership list that don't belong and wanted him to change some colors.

    Frank will take over sending Robert the membership list and will now include meeting minutes.

    Dave asked if we could use hyperlinks for our e-mail addresses. If someone wanted to send you an e-mail they could look on the membership list, click on the hyperlink and send you an e-mail. There was concern over this idea that we would make peoples e-mail address too accessible for outsiders.

    Ben would like to see the Board members have Bio's of themselves with pictures.

    Garland asked if we could list all the hospitals in the state that do cardiac surgery. When you click on a hospital it would bring up a list of perfusion staff, who's the chief perfusionist, the cardiac surgeons, how many hearts, etc.

    Latter two suggestions accepted and will be pursued, also Garland suggested that Robert attend one of NJSPS meeting to go over specific ideas and concerns.


  3. Business Arising from Previous Meeting - None
  4. New Business
  5. Ben stated that during his initial meeting with Senator Cardinale, the Senator asked if Grandfathering should ONLY be for New Jersey State resident perfusionists, not anyone from outside the state.

    Ben asked if we should be pro-active, not reactionary and poll the perfusionists of the state to find out where the majority stand. This topic brought on much discussion; in conclusion it was decided that this was a sensitive subject and that we should offend anyone so we should not pursue this further unless it is brought up again in the Senate.

    Ben had previously asked Frank about getting a banner that we could post outside the meetings so it would be more official. Frank stated that we could obtain a 2 1/2' X 10', 18 oz. vinyl (heavy duty which could be used outside if necessary), comes with eyelets on all four corners and rope through the top and bottom. The material is already there and we could get it for $ 175.00. It would take approximately one week to have it completed. Ben originally wanted the logo, our name and underneath, the mission statement, Frank forgot about the mission statement and will ask if that will change the pricing. Vote was to accept this pricing and get the banner upon final approval of Sheila if pricing is to change.

    Garland asked if we could make the Newsletter and Ad-Hoc Committee - No objections, Garland will be the Chairperson of the Newsletter Committee.

    Sheila stated that she took the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" brochures to the printer to be color copied and that it was $ 0.99 per copy for over 300 copies (NY + NJ), it would be $ 300.00. Sheila decided to do it herself on her color printer.

    The CEU's for the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting should be approximately 7.8.

  6. Concluded Business
    1. Received 6 checks from various vendors for $ 400.00 each for the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting. We expect 3 more soon.
    2. The pro-active grant for AmSECT is now 2/3 complete, hopefully it will be completed and submitted by the next meeting.
    3. Received an additional 9 letters of support from various surgeons and anesthesiologists from hospitals throughout the state. This brings the total to 19 letters of support for the "Perfusion Licensing Act".
    4. We looked into obtaining a banner for display at NJSPS functions. Will try to obtain it for display at the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting.
    5. Ben sent the survey he did to Assemblywoman Wright regarding perfusionists being licensed in other allied health fields.
    6. Our new Balance in the Treasury is $ 10,508.00
    7. Ben will attend a fundraiser for Senator Furnari on September 16, 1998.
    8. Perfusion Licensing Act Bill was voted to go to the full Assembly for vote. The Senate is to consider the Bill in the Commerce Committee.
    9. Decided to table the issue of doing a survey on grandfathering ONLY NJ State resident perfusionists unless the Senate raises concerns about it.
    10. Will continue to make changes to the web site.
    11. Made the Newsletter an Ad-Hoc Committee.
    12. Mailed the Brochures for the "Perfusion Dynamics '98" meeting
    13. Mailed Willingness to serve forms. Have received five so far.


  7. Scheduling of Next Meeting
  8. 19th Board of Trustees Meeting

    New Jersey State Perfusion Society, Inc.

    Sunday, November 1, 1998

    8:30 am

    Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

    Moolton Conference Room


  9. Adjournment

David Hassert made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Frank Stark, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Sheila Rager at 10:45 am