New Jersey State Perfusion Society

23rd Board of Directors Meeting


  • DATE: September 12,1999 PLACE: Robert Wood Johnson Hospital


    Frank Stark, David Hassert, Martin MacKechnie, Garland Dance, Andrew Israel, Gwen Staffiera,

    Sheila Rager, Camille Daugherty.

    I .Call to Order

    The 23rd NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by 1999 President David Hassert at 9:00 am.


    Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 6 board members present and 3 board members absent (Daniel Fisch, Benjamin DeBenedetto, Diane Sciortino).

    3.Routine Business

    3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

    Frank Stark made a motion to approve the agenda; Martin MacKechnie seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

    3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from June 6,1999

    Martin MacKechnie made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as is, seconded by Andrew Israel and carried unanimously.

    3c. Reading of Communications


    4. Reports

    4a.Officers of the Board

  • President - David Hassert

    Dave stated that we received the complete $ 10,000 Grant from AMSECT.

    Past President -Sheila Rager - No Report

    President Elect - Sheila Rager

    Sheila was asked to appear at the Pennsylvania State Meeting on October 16th to talk about State Licensure

    Vice President - Daniel Fisch - Absent

    Secretary - Frank Stark

    Frank designed and sent out a third request for membership, to date received an additional three renewals. Frank typed the meeting minutes and the agenda's. Frank also copied and sent the PAC letter out to the membership for resumes and received 8 from the following interested ... Jack Liu, Gwen Staffiera, David Hassert, Andrew Israel, Jeffrey Luckenbach, Norman Norton, Frank Stark, Camille Daugherty).

    Frank also printed out an updated membership list. He also printed and copied an updated membership directory. Frank received the deposit slips that Garland had ordered. Mailed the meeting notices, received our insurance policy renewal. Frank also received the first check from a vendor for the "Perfusion Dynamics 99" meeting from Cobe for $400. Lastly Frank mailed Sheila two sets of labels for the mailing of the "Perfusion Dynamics 99" meeting notice.

    Treasurer's Report - Garland Dance

    $ 1,475.97

    Deposits $ 10,620.00

    Withdrawals $ 5,333.61

    Ending Balance $ 6,762.36

    Trustee - Martin MacKechnie

    The issue of fund raising is on going, Marty is continuing to pursue the phone card and will report back on progress.

    4b. Standing Committees

    Education/Planning Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Camille Daugherty

    Brochures for the "Perfusion Dynamics 99" meeting were mailed. Still working on CEU'S. Procedure for applying for PA points has changed and we are still in negotiations - Sheila suggested we drop it because no PA's have ever come to the meetings. To date only one vendor has paid for displaying at the meeting (Cobe). Sheila will contact the other vendors to remind them.

    Sheila Rager at this point announced that she is resigning as the co-chair for the Education/Planning Committee effective immediately. Sheila mentioned increasing responsibilities at work and lack of time to pursue such an important position.

    Ethics Committee - No report - Absent

    Membership/Credentials Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Frank Stark

    Frank designed and mailed out a third request for renewals and has received three. After going over the membership list in detail with the members present.... add Marc Adler to the paid list as well as Camille Daugherty. Delete Mina Sarafin (moved out of state). Sheila will give Frank the addresses for Chen Chen and Chris Rumsey.

    Bylaws Committee - David Hassert - No Report

    Nominating Committee - Frank Stark

    Frank will design and send out willingness to serve forms for officers by the end of the month and report back in November. Because of the for mentioned resignation of Sheila from the Education/Planning Committee Frank will add that position on the willingness to serve form when it is mailed out.

    Government Relations Committee - Report given by Sheila Rager for Committee Chair Benjamin DeBenedetto

    For those who are yet aware, we PASSED State Licensure on June 25, 1999. Christine Steams asked that all those interested in serving on the Perfusion Advisory Committee (PAC) on the State Board submit their resumes. In all we received about 1 0 resumes and we are still waiting to hear on the appointments, hopefully by years end. Dr. Steve Marra has applied for the single physician position on the Board.

    In an arrangement with PPAG we will pay them $ 1 000 for the months of July and August but then will go back to the $2000 monthly fee. Christine justified paying full fees because the first year of licensure will be very busy for the board and possibly PPAG.

    4c. Special Committees

    Web Site - Report given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

    Garland is trying to get the "Perfusion Dynamics 99" Program up on the web site

    Newsletter - Report Given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

    Newsletter is on the back burner, mostly for financial reasons. Will wait until new officers are elected and the PAC members are appointed before putting out the next issue.

    Fundraising - Martin MacKechnie - No Report


  • 5. Business Arising From Previous Meeting

    We have received the $ 1 0,000 grant from AMSECT. State Licensure was signed into law on June 25, 1999 by the Governor.

    6. New Business

    Frank will send out willingness to serve forms for officers for the November election.

    7. Review of Concluded Business

    1. NJSPS PASSED State Licensure on June 25, 1999

    2. We received the $ 1 0,000 Grant from AMSECT

    3. We currently have 71 paid members

    4. We currently have a balance of $ 6762.36 in the treasury

    5. Meeting brochures for "Perfusion Dynamics 99" were sent out

    6. CEU's are being applied for.

    7. Received one vendor check for $400, Sheila will contact the other vendors

    8. Frank will send out willingness to serve form for officers and Co-chair for the Education/Planning Committee.

    9. Waiting to hear about the PAC appointments

    10. Sheila resigned as the Co-chair of the Education/Planning Committee

  • 8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

  • Sunday, November 14,1999

    Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

    8:30 am

    Moolton Conference Room

    9. Adjournment

    Frank Stark made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Martin MacKechnie, carried unanimously. Meeting Adjourned by President David Hassert at 10:10 am.


    Submitted by

    Frank stark, CCP

    Secretary, NJSPS