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New Jersey State Perfusion Society

27th Board of Directors Meeting



DATE: May 21, 2000 PLACE: Hyatt Regency Hotel - New Brunswick


Frank Stark, John Niedzinski, Diane Sciortino, Sheila Rager, Benjamin DeBenedetto

    1. Call to Order
    2. The 27th NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by 2000 President Sheila Rager at 9:45 am.

    3. Quorum
    4. Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 5 board members present and 4 board members absent (Martin MacKechnie, Camille Daugherty, and Diane Sciortino, Garland Dance and David Hassert).

    5. Routine Business
    6. 3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

      Frank Stark made a motion to approve the agenda, Sheila Rager seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

      3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from March 5, 2000

      Sheila Rager suggested corrections in the Membership Committee report by Frank Stark. There were numerous spelling and grammar errors leading to confusion. Diane Sciortino made a motion to accept the corrected meeting minutes, seconded by John Niedzinski and carried unanimously.

    3c. Reading of Communications

    Frank read a letter from Medtronic regarding the next "Perfusion Dynamics" meeting. Sheila took the letter and will be sending out meeting notices to the vendors shortly.

  1. Reports
  2. 4a. Officers of the Board

    President - Sheila Rager - No Report

    Past President -David Hassert - Absent - No Report

    President Elect - David Hassert - Absent - No Report

    Vice President - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report

    Secretary - Frank Stark

    Frank typed the meeting minutes from March 5, 2000, as well as the meeting agendas. Frank also printed and mailed the meeting notices.


    Treasurer’s Report - Garland Dance - No Report - Absent

    Trustee - Diane Sciortino - No Report

    Trustee - Camille Daugherty - No Report - Absent

    Trustee - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent


    4b. Standing Committees

    Education/Planning Committee - Report given by Committee Chair John Niedzinski

    The annual IABP meeting that is held at St. Joseph’s Hospital in May can not be scheduled until at least July because the auditorium is booked every weekend.

    Sheila will mail the letters to vendors for Perfusion Dynamics "2000" soon. Ben stated Sominetics will speak at the meeting. Someone suggested another possible lecture topic on PadCabs, John will call and look into. Ben will call Sarns about a possible talk on the new Sarns electronic Perfusion Record.

    Ethics Committee - Diane Sciortino - No Report




    Membership/Credentials Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Frank Stark

    Frank Received approximately 8 renewals bringing the total 2000 membership to 53. Paul Weinberg sent his check in and has been moved to the paid list. John asked Frank if he received a check for $300 from Datascope for all of St. Joseph’s peoples 2000 dues. Frank recalled receiving the check but did not know it was for their dues, and will now move the 5 perfusionists from St. Joseph’s to the paid list.

    Frank asked if he should send out another notice for unpaid dues. Through discussion it was decided to send out a post card as a reminder to those who have not paid their dues yet.

    Bylaws Committee - David Hassert - No Report - Absent

    Nominating Committee - Frank Stark - No Report

    Government Relations Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Benjamin DeBenedetto

    We are still waiting for approval of Dr. Marra and Christine Hedges. Ben made numerous calls to find out when they would be voted on, but was told there is no time frame and no formal appointment yet.


    4c. Special Committees

    Web Site - Garland Dance - No report - Absent

    Newsletter - Garland Dance - No Report - Absent

    Newsletter was mailed out in April.

    Fundraising - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent

    Frank passed around a letter that he received regarding casino nights fundraiser. Sheila asked Frank to forward it to Marty and have him look into it.


  3. Business Arising From Previous Meeting
  4. None

  5. New Business
  6. None

  7. Review of Concluded Business
    1. Frank will make corrections to the previous meeting minutes and hand them out at the next meeting.
    2. Sheila will mail out the vendor letters for the "Perfusion Dynamics "2000" meeting soon.
    3. Frank will mail out post cards for the remaining people who have not paid their dues for 2000. Frank will also move the 5 perfusionists from St. Joseph’s to the paid.
    4. NJSPS is still awaiting the appointment of Dr. Marra and Christine Hedges to the PAC Committee.
    5. The annual IABP meeting at St. Joseph’s Hospital has been pushed back again to September/October, notices will be sent when a date is confirmed.
    6. Additional topics for lectures at the Perfusion Dynamics "2000" meeting are PadCabs and Sarns Electronic Perfusion Record. John Niedzinski will look into the PadCab issue and Ben will look into the Electronic Perfusion Record.
    7. Frank will give Marty a copy of the flier re: casino nights as a possible fund raiser. Frank will give Sheila a copy of Jeff Luckenbach letter to respond to. Frank as requested will also give John a copy of the meeting minutes and a copy of the casino nights flier.


  8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

Sunday, June 25, 2000

Hyatt Regency Hotel

New Brunswick

8:30 am

9. Adjournment

John Niedzinski made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Diane Sciortino, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Sheila Rager at 11:00 am.


Submitted by

Frank stark, CCP

Secretary, NJSPS