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New Jersey State Perfusion Society

29th Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: April5,2001 PLACE: Belvedere Restaurant - Clifton,New Jersey


Frank Stark, David Hassert, Steven Nussear, Carolyn Cavallo, Diane Sciortino, John Niedzinski, Ken LaScalia, Katherine Cousineau, Lissy Philip, Edward Lee, Marcia Hodulik, Patricia Dalli, Connie Rush, Garland Dance, Sheila Rager, Camille Daugherty, Albert Leisz, Dennis Fox, Jim McVey, Norman Norton


1. Call to Order

The 29th NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by President David Hassert at 9:00 p.m.

2. Quorum

Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 5 board members present and 0 board members absent.

3. Routine Business

3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

Steven Nussear made a motion to approve the agenda, John Niedzinski seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from November 19, 2000

Pat Dalli made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as is, seconded by Norman Norton and carried unanimously.

3c. Reading of Communications


4. Reports

4a. Officers of the Board

President - David Hassert - No Report

Past President -Sheila Rager - No Report

President Elect - Position Open

Secretary - Frank Stark

Frank hasn’t mailed out the new renewal notices for a few reasons. First, all the officers aren’t in place yet, so there still isn’t an official letter head. Frank will need to discuss issues with the officers regarding the renewal notices and dues. After this meeting the renewal notices will be sent out soon.

Treasurer’s Report - Garland Dance

Beginning Balance $ 3,717.11

Deposits $ 1,830.00

Withdrawals $ 596.21

Ending Balance $ 4,950.90


4b. Standing Committees

Education/Planning Committee - Sheila Rager - No Report

Bylaws/Ethics Committee - David Hassert

Dave revised the Bylaws to eliminate the position of Vice President.

John Niedzinski made a motion to accept the revised bylaws, seconded by Steven Nussear and carried unanimously.

Membership/Credentials Committee - Frank Stark - No Report


4c. Special Committees

Web Site - Garland Dance - No Report

Newsletter - Garland Dance - No Report

5. Business Arising From Previous Meeting -

John Niedzinski volunteered to serve as President Elect for 2001 and President for 2002. Ken LaScalia made a motion to approve, seconded by Carolyn Cavallo and carried unanimously.

6. New Business -

John Niedzinski is in the process of arranging the spring IABP Seminar but has no date yet.

7. Review of Concluded Business

7a. John Niedzinski volunteered for the position of President Elect and carried unanimously. John will begin serving his term immediately.

7b. Frank Stark has yet to send out this years renewal notices. Upon resolving specific issues, the new renewal notices will go out soon.

7c. Treasurers Report:

Beginning Balance $3,717.11

Deposits $1,830.00

Withdrawals $ 596.21

Balance $4,950.90


7d. The Following positions and Committees have been eliminated or combined.

Vice President - Eliminated

Membership Committee - Eliminated

Fundraising Committee - Eliminated

Nominating Committee - Eliminated

Ethics committee will be combined with the Bylaws Committee

Officers/Trustees/Committee members for the year 2001 beginning January 1st

President - David Hassert

President Elect- John Niedzinski

Secretary - Open (Frank will continue to act on an interim basis)

Treasurer - Garland Dance

Education/Planning Committee - Chair - Sheila Rager

Bylaws/Ethics Committee- Chair David Hassert, Frank Stark, Steven Nussear


8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

DATE: Thursday, June 7, 2001

SPONSOR: Medtronic

TIME: 6:30 PM



Steven Nussear will contact Medtronic and ask them to sponsor the next meeting.


9. Adjournment

David Hassert made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Marcia Hodulik, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President David Hassert at 10:20 p.m.


Submitted by

Frank Stark, CCP

Secretary, NJSPS