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New Jersey State Perfusion Society

26th Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: March 5, 2000 PLACE: Robert Wood Johnson Hospital


Frank Stark, Andrew Israel, Sheila Rager, Benjamin DeBenedetto, David Hassert, Garland Dance

    1. Call to Order
    2. The 26th NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by 2000 President Sheila Rager at 9:10 am.

    3. Quorum
    4. Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 5 board members present and 3 board members absent (Martin MacKechnie, Camille Daugherty, and Diane Sciortino).

    5. Routine Business
    6. 3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

      David Hassert made a motion to approve the agenda, Andrew Israel seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

      3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from January 9, 2000

      Frank Stark made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as is, seconded by Benjamin DeBenedetto and carried unanimously.

      3c. Reading of Communications

      Frank read a letter from Jeff Luckenback regarding the thank you letters that was mailed to the physicians and administrators who wrote letters of support for NJSPS licensure.

      Ben stated that he will respond with a letter to Mr. Luckenback.


  1. Reports
  2. 4a. Officers of the Board

    President - Sheila Rager

    Sheila Received her certificate for the PAC Committee

    Past President -David Hassert - No Report

    President Elect - David Hassert - No Report

    Vice President - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report - Absent

    Secretary - Frank Stark

    Frank typed the meeting minutes from January 9, 2000, as well as the meeting agendas. Frank also printed and mailed the meeting notices. Frank received a letter to contribute to a fund raiser for Senator Singer which has been passed on to Garland. Frank also received 2 letter one from the IRS and the other from the State of New Jersey for annual filing that the treasurer must do, they were also passed on to Garland. Frank also mention that he will be taking a vacation from April 29 to May 13, so if there is a meeting he will not be able to attend and someone else will have to perform the secretarial duties.


    Treasurer’s Report - Garland Dance

    Beginning Balance $ 2,086.50

    Deposits $ 575.00

    Withdrawals $ 446.53

    Ending Balance $ 2,214.97


    Garland also sent a thank you letter to Debbie Raymond for the AmSECT Grant along with a pro forma statement from 1996 through 1999.


    Trustee - Diane Sciortino - No Report - Absent

    Trustee - Camille Daugherty - No Report - Absent

    Trustee - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent



    4b. Standing Committees

    Education/Planning Committee - Report given by Committee member Andrew Israel in John Niedzinski’s absence.

    The annual IABP meeting that is held at St. Joseph’s Hospital in May has been moved to June, an exact date has not yet been made.

    Perfusion Dynamics "2000" date has been reserved and confirmed for SEPTEMBER 23, 2000. The meeting will be held the same place as last year in the CAB building.

    Ethics Committee - Diane Sciortino - No Report - Absent

    Membership/Credentials Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Frank Stark

    Frank Received approximately 35 renewals bringing the total 2000 membership to 44. Camille Daugherty renewed her membership but provided a wrong address. Received a renewal form from Paul Weinberg but did not have a check, Frank e-mailed him to notify him of this. Paul will remain on the not paid list until a check is received. Frank asked if he should prepare a second mailing. Sheila responded by indicating that the newsletter will be mailed later this month and there is a renewal application included in the newsletter that can be considered a second mailing.

    Bylaws Committee - David Hassert - No Report

    Nominating Committee - Frank Stark - No Report

    Government Relations Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Benjamin DeBenedetto

    Be sent a letter to PPAG terminating our agreement as of January 15, 2000, we have not been billed for January yet. Dr. Marra was nominated for appointment but is not yet approved.

    4c. Special Committees

    Web Site - Garland Dance - No report

    Garland asked Frank if he could E-Mail Rob the approved meeting minutes to be posted on the web site.

    Newsletter - Report Given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

    Garland passed a preliminary copy of the newsletter around, it will be mailed later this month. Garland is waiting for some meeting dates to be included and is making some final changes.

    Fundraising - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent


  3. Business Arising From Previous Meeting
  4. None

  5. New Business
  6. Preliminary ideas for the "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" meeting.....

    Provide a book vendor

    Lecture on Applications of a Cerebral Oximeter from Somanetics

    Investing for medical professionals

    Oxygent a perflurocarbon by Alliance Pharmaceuticals

    Sarns on their new electronic perfusion record

    OpCabs - outcomes

    An additional idea was raised about having some of the NJSPS meetings held at the Hyatt over breakfast. These meetings would NOT be paid by NJSPS but by each individual attending the meeting.

  7. Review of Concluded Business
    1. Frank read a letter sent to Ben from Jeffrey Luckenback regarding our mailing of thank you letters to the physicians and administrators who wrote letters of support for NJSPS.
    2. Frank will be on vacation from April 29 through May 13, 2000.
    3. Ending Balance is $ 2,214.97
    4. Garland sent a thank you letter to Debbie Raymond for the AmSECT Grant and also sent a pro forma statement from 1996 through 1999.
    5. Perfusion Dynamics "2000" has been scheduled for September 23, 2000 at Robert Wood Johnson in the CAB building the same place as last years meeting. Frank will send out preliminary notices.
    6. The annual IABP meeting at St. Joseph’s Hospital has been pushed back to June, notices will be sent when a date is confirmed.
    7. Received approximately 35 more renewals, second notice will be in the next issue of the newsletter. Also paid members and the missing perfusionists will be placed in the newsletter also.
    8. PPAG was terminated January 15, 2000.
    9. Sheila Rager, Benjamin DeBenedetto and Frank Stark received their certificates for the PAC Committee. Dr. Marra and Christine Hedges have both been nominated but not appointed yet.
    10. Garland will mail the newsletter out by the end of the month.




    12. Some ideas for the Perfusion Dynamics "2000" meeting were ...
        1. Include a book vendor
        2. Talk on the Applications of a cerebral oximeter from Somanetics
        3. A talk on Investing for professionals
        4. A talk on "Oxygent" a perflurocarbon from Alliance Pharmaceuticals
        5. Have Sarns give a talk on their ne Electronic perfusion Record
        6. A talk on OpCabs and outcomes.
    13. Hold future NJSPS as breakfast meetings at the Hyatt.


  8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

    Sunday, May 21, 2000

    Hyatt Regency Hotel

    New Brunswick

    8:30 am

    Breakfast buffet available for $ 25.99 Per Person



  10. Adjournment

Frank Stark made a motion for adjournment, seconded by David Hassert, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Sheila Rager at 11:00 am.


Submitted by

Frank stark, CCP

Secretary, NJSPS