New Jersey State Perfusion Society

25th Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: January 9, 2000 PLACE: Robert Wood Johnson Hospital


Frank Stark, Camille Daugherty, Sheila Rager, Diane Sciortino, John Niedzinski, David Hassert, Andrew Israel, Garland Dance, Al Leisz


    1. Call to Order
    2. The 25th NJSPS Board of Directors Meeting called to order by 2000 President Sheila Rager at 9:10 am.

    3. Quorum
    4. Secretary Frank Stark stated we have a quorum with 6 board members present and 2 board members absent (Martin MacKechnie, Benjamin DeBenedetto).

    5. Routine Business

3a. Review and Approval of Agenda

Diane Sciortino made a motion to approve the agenda; Frank Stark seconded the motion and carried unanimously.

3b. Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from September 12, 1999

John Niedzinski made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as is, seconded by David Hassert and carried unanimously.

3c. Reading of Communications


  1. Reports
  2. 4a. Officers of the Board

    President - Sheila Rager - No Report

    Past President -David Hassert - No Report

    President Elect - David Hassert - No Report

    Vice President - Benjamin DeBenedetto - No Report - Absent

    Secretary - Frank Stark

    Frank spent the better part of 2 months putting together thank you letters to Governor Whitman, Senators Funari and Singer and Assemblymen Moran and Imprevaduto from the membership and others who wrote letters of support. Not only was it time consuming but expensive, consisting of almost 2000 labels, 1000 pages, 140 (33 cent) stamps, 130 (77 cent) stamps, 1000 envelopes, and 150 manila envelopes. Frank also purchased post cards for meeting notices.

    Frank also typed the meeting minutes from November 12, 1999 meeting as well as the meeting agendas. Frank also printed and mailed the meeting notices.


    Treasurer’s Report - Garland Dance

    Beginning Balance $ 7,988.54

    Deposits $ 400.00

    Withdrawals $ 6,302.04

    Ending Balance $ 2,086.50


    Garland also states that AmSECT wants a report of the usage of money from the grant that we received from them. Garland will prepare a year end financial statement for the next meeting. From now on everyone needs to get prior approval before spending any money due to our low funds.



    Trustee - Diane Sciortino - No Report

    Trustee - Camille Daugherty - No Report

    Trustee - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent

    4b. Standing Committees

    Education/Planning Committee - Camille Daugherty - No Report

    Ethics Committee - Diane Sciortino - No Report

    Membership/Credentials Committee - Report given by Committee Chair Frank Stark

    Frank printed an updated membership list for year-end 1999 as well as an updated mailing list, which was handed out. Frank also designed and mailed the 2000 membership/renewal applications which stated lower the dues to $25.

    Sheila objected saying that although it was mentioned there was never a vote to accept the lower dues. Since the membership applications were already mailed we will have to vote to approve the reduction in dues later today.

    Frank checked the last meeting minutes and there was no mention of lowering the dues and apologized to everyone for over stepping his bounds.

    Bylaws Committee - Report given by Committee chair David Hassert

    Dave stated that there is no set amount of meeting per year in the Bylaws, and asked if we need to meet six times per year?

    Nominating Committee - Frank Stark - No Report

    Government Relations Committee - No Report - Absent


    4c. Special Committees

    Web Site - Report given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

    Garland asked Frank if he could E-Mail Rob the approved meeting minutes to be posted on the web site.

    Newsletter - Report Given by Committee Chair Garland Dance

    Garland is still working on the newsletter, it’s a lot of work, going to try and mail a one page letter soon.

    Fundraising - Martin MacKechnie - No Report - Absent


    Lyle Hockenbury has now moved to Jersey Shore. RWJ has a new perfusionist his name is Robert Cosenza - no address yet his will be moving soon and Andrew will give it to Frank as soon as he gets it.

  3. Business Arising From Previous Meeting
  4. Camille stated that the position of Co-chair of the Education/Planning Committee was not filled at the last meeting and would like to see if anyone would volunteer. After much discussion John Niedzinski volunteered to Co-Chair the Education/Planning Committee and will begin working with Datascope about a spring meeting on IABP to be held sometime in May. Other ideas were to have Hemotec, Biomedicus, Heparin Bonding one-day seminars during the year.

    Sheila made a motion to accept John Niedzinski as Co-Chair of the Education/Planning Committee, seconded by David Hassert and carried unanimously.

  5. New Business
  6. David Hassert made a motion to terminate our relationship with PPAG immediately, letter to out on Monday. Seconded by John Niedzinski and carried unanimously.

    Frank again apologized for sending out the dues notices without voting on it, an oversight that he should have checked on before doing it.

    Sheila Rager made a motion to lower the membership annual dues to $25 per year, seconded by Frank Stark and carried unanimously.

    Christine Hedges is the name of the nurse who was appointed to the PAC committee. She currently works at Valley Hospital and was nominated by the NJ Nursing Association.

    Possible dates made for the "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" meeting are ....

    September 23rd or 30th; October 7th or 14th

    Andrew will try to confirm one of those dates as soon as possible and report back.

    David Hassert made a motion to cut back on the meetings to 4 per year, seconded by Diane Sciortino. Frank had reservations that may not be enough meetings to get the "Perfusion Dynamics" meetings planned. It was stated that the Education/Planning Committee could meet at additional times as warranted during the year. Motion carried.

  7. Review of Concluded Business
    1. Frank sent out the thank you letters to the Governor and Senators and Assemblymen who sponsored our Bill.
    2. We currently have a balance of $ 2086.50 in the treasury. Garland will have a year end financial statement at the next meeting. Garland also asked that before anyone spends any money that they first get it approved by Garland first because of our very low funds.
    3. Frank sent out the 2000 membership/renewal forms.
    4. Board voted on decreasing the membership dues to $ 25.
    5. NJSPS will terminate our relationship with PPAG effective Monday morning.
    6. Christine Hedges is a nurse at Valley Hospital who was appointed to the PAC Committee.
    7. John Niedzinski volunteered to serve as the Co-Chair of the Education/Planning Committee.
    8. John will begin to plan the yearly IABP meeting for sometime this May.
    9. Preliminary dates for the "Perfusion Dynamics 2000" meeting are September 23/30 or October 7/14.


  8. Scheduling of Next Meeting

    Sunday, March 5, 2000

    Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

    8:30 am

    Moolton Conference Room



  10. Adjournment

Diane Sciortino made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Camille Daugherty, carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Sheila Rager at 10:50 am.


Submitted by

Frank stark, CCP

Secretary, NJSPS